Writing a Personal Statement for Grad School: Expert Tips

Choosing Your Brainstorming Topic and Writing a Personal Statement for Grad School

Most students end up writing their essays in a rush, and sometimes, in such a way that they end up with a shoddy piece. But when it comes to getting your personal statement accepted, there is an extra scrutiny in the respective applications. 

When students are applying to grad school, you do not want to submit a shoddy personal statement because it might negatively affect your application. For this reason, do proper research on how to craft your paper so that it is exemplary. 

Most students do not know that one can have a brainstorming session about their topic to find a suitable writing style for the one paper that they will submit. Even though it is only for one paper, it makes the grading more competitive, and that is why a better personal statement makes the reader read it twice to get the information they need.

How to Craft a Brilliant Resume for Grad School

A personal statement is a bit different from a resume. Unlike the resume, your personal statement focuses on your interests as opposed to your qualifications. A resume is looking at your education and experiences as far as they extend to your previous jobs and past awards. 

A personal statement is another way to give the committee more information on you. For instance, you can talk about your childhood and past experiences. Or, you can talk about your current experiences that have led you to pursue a specific course in college. Therefore, whatever you provide on your resume, you can incorporate in your personal statement. 

It comes with its advantages. Personal statements are easier for the committee to read than resumes because they have more information to support them. Also, since there is less typing involved in personal statements, they are easier to write. 

Writing a personal statement is mainly considered to be an easier process than that of writing an academic essay. For this reason, the student has to be passionate about what they are doing. It can be through research or actual experiences you have had. It is better for the student to focus on these aspects because they are defining aspects of your story. Therefore, applying the tips explained below will help boost your application, making it better than others.

Preparing Your Paper for Letter Writing

The article of writing is similar to that of essays, only, this is written orally. It is often recommended to prepare for writing a personal statement for grad school in advance. This is because many students struggle with formulating a fitting theme to write about.

The onset of giving out personal information is anxiety-provoking. Therefore, most students choose a subject that is difficult for them to write about. It is best to start writing your personal statement well in advance. Get a topic that you will comfortably write about and that you are passionate about.

Researching about specific interests can also help in writing about specific subjects. You get the chance to talk about what interests you have and why it is important. The more comfortable you make the topic, the more comfortable you are when crafting your statement.

Write like an Expert

Crafting a good personal statement is key. What you create is what you get. Therefore, use grammar and diction to write expertly. You can ask friends to proofread the article for you so that you can get a clean copy. Also, do not forget to proofread and edit your work to get rid of mistakes.

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