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Find out where you can play Sic Bo online, as well as the rules and techniques for this easy-to-learn game, with the help of our in-depth tutorials. You may also download your own free Sic Bo betting table for real money gaming, as well as consult our Sic Bo dictionary for definitions of essential phrases.

Playing Online Sic Bo Like a Pro

If craps is too intimidating and roulette is becoming monotonous, you should try your hand at Sic Bo. The fast-paced dice game mixes the betting options and dice of craps with the ease of the immensely popular roulette. The consequence has created billions for casino gamblers worldwide.



Playing Sic Bo for actual cash

Real cash Sic Bo is absurdly simple to play. Simply place your wager on the virtual felt and attempt to guess the outcome of the dice roll. Then, roll and see the results. If your numbers are selected, you will win. If you’ve never played Sic Bo for real money, you’ll enjoy it because:


There is very minimal to no learning curve, You simply roll the virtual dice and wait to see whether you win.

When playing Sic Bo online, you can wager as little as you like.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of reasons why you will like playing Sic Bo online for real money. Read on for the necessary strategy guidance and techniques to roll consecutive large wins.


Getting familiar with the game

To the Table

You should be familiar with two components of real money Sic Bo: the betting board and the dice. While you may be accustomed to playing with two dice, Sic Bo utilizes three. Your objective is to anticipate the precise number, the combination of numbers, or the sum of the three dice.


Each wager has a separate reward, and you can wager on multiple outcomes simultaneously, much as in roulette. Here is a look at the many aspects you must understand:



This is the easiest real-money Sic Bo wager. You’ll have the chance to wager on the sum of the three dice, and you can wager on any number between 4 and 16. You will observe that 3 and 18 are absent. This is because they appear elsewhere on the board as triple wagers.



Single wagers are placed on a number that will occur on at least one die. Thus, if you wager on a 3, you will win if at least one die falls on a 3.



You wager that a certain number will be rolled on two of the dice with this wager.



If you believe that all three dice will land on the same number, you may wager on a Triple. The payoff for a Triple at the majority of online Sic Bo casinos is 30:1. You may also wager on a certain Triple, which returns 180:1. Obviously, the odds of winning are low, but it is still an exciting gamble.


Learn Sic Bo in Three Steps

1 Place your chips on any betting element on the board. 2 Click or press the ‘Roll’ button on the display.

3 Watch where the dice land (if you win, the winning amount varies according to the payout)

Online, you have control over when the dice roll. In a traditional casino, the house rolls the dice for you. In craps, the players roll the dice, but in Sic Bo, the dice are rolled by the croupier. In actuality, dice are often stored in a tiny cage.


Download Your FREE Reference Chart for Sic Bo

If you’re unfamiliar with Sic Bo, don’t fret! We have compiled a useful guide to playing the game. Our tutorial walks you through many combinations, their meanings, and their values. Get assistance with your betting strategy and odds comprehension. Here you may download it as a PDF for free.

Selecting a Sic Bo Casino


Regular gamblers like to play games of superior quality on reputable websites. Prior to beginning, it is advisable to have a list of criteria to follow when selecting a site to play Sic Bo. These are some features that might assist you while playing the game. Set your criteria according to them, and you’ll be off to a wonderful start.


Seek a High Return Rate.

This is the rate at which a casino pays out rewards relative to the amount staked. If a casino’s payout percentage is 97%, it will pay out $97 for every $100 wagered. The casino retains the difference as profit.


As this is a statistic calculated for the whole casino, it does not indicate that you will receive 97% on every stake. However, playing at an online Sic Bo casino with a greater payout percentage will increase your chances of winning.


Obtain the Finest Bonuses

When joining a new casino, it is quite probable that you will be offered a welcome bonus. Typically, your rewards are proportional to your initial payment. A welcome bonus is wonderful for your bankroll, allowing you to enjoy Sic Bo and other casino games with additional funds.


Your bonus potential fluctuates dependent on the casino’s wagering requirements. Typically, you’ll be given a time frame or game genre to spend the bonus cash on. Prior to registering, it is best to verify the requirements. Utilize our Bonus Calculator to discover the greatest incentives currently available online.



You will benefit most from a bonus that combines a reasonable sum with playthrough conditions that align with your normal schedule and gaming preferences.

Playing Sic Bo Online Safely


You wouldn’t spend money at a shady store simply because they asked you to, right? Apply the same reasoning to online casinos. Sic Bo players can start their security analysis by doing the aforementioned steps.


1 Searching for the trusty green bar at the top of the homepage (this indicates SSL certification and encryption)

2 Verifying secure payment methods and firewalls

Determine whether there are frequent internal security checks on the site.

By following these precautions, you may be assured that your finances and personal information are secure.


How We Determine the Leading Sic Bo Casinos

Have you looked for an online casino that provides Sic Bo for real money? If yes, you are aware that there are a limited number available. Unfortunately, many online casinos do not offer Sic Bo since the rewards are sometimes too huge.


Remember that several online casinos provide payouts of 180:1 for particular Triples. Compared to roulette, where striking a precise number yields a 35:1 return, it’s easy to see why casinos dislike Sic Bo.


When you finally locate a Sic Bo casino for real money that you enjoy, it may not be a reliable one. This is where we step in. As specialists in online casinos, we have reviewed every accessible Sic Bo site using a 25-step evaluation procedure. You may rest confident that we have thoroughly inspected the following categories:


Excellence in customer service (including language availability, phone support and live chat)

Alternatives for making deposits and expenses connected with those options

Bonuses, promotions, and withdrawal speed

Security, encryption, and secure banking

After evaluating websites in several areas, we build a list of our top recommendations for you. If a casino has made our list, you can trust that it offers one of the greatest Sic Bo experiences for real money online.


Sic Bo Techniques Guide

Bingo Chips

Bet only on low-risk outcomes.

If you are acquainted with roulette, you know that putting a wager on odd/even or color gives you a chance of winning that is close to 50/50. The inclusion of a zero and double zero tilts the edge toward the house, although the odds are close to even.


Sticking to Small and Big bets in Sic Bo will offer you the best chance of earning actual cash. A tiny wager pays off if the numbers 4 through 10 are drawn. A large wager pays off if the numbers 11 through 17 are drawn. The payoff is low since the odds of hitting your number are high. These wagers pay even money. Therefore, if you wager $10, you will win $10.


Combined Gambling

If you desire more profits, you can adopt a somewhat risky betting technique that won’t bankrupt you. Consider placing your chips in a variety of betting places. A great winning technique for real money games is to ensure that you have four distinct opportunities to win on each roll. You may lose four times your stake if you don’t win, but when you do, your rewards will be greater.


Tips and Advice for Playing Sic Bo at the Table

Considering playing Sic Bo for real money online? Despite the game’s simplicity, it is imperative that you review the following rules prior to beginning:


You may wager on as few or as many possible outcomes as you choose.

Unless you’ve bet on a Triple, you do not need all three dice to match.

If you are playing Sic Bo live, do not toss your chips and observe standard table etiquette.

If you are playing games online, ensure that your internet connection is fast and uninterrupted. Being eliminated during a dice roll might result in an automatic loss. Before you play, make sure to read the online casino’s connection rules.


Rapid Sic Bo Advice 1

Increase your chances of winning by betting on a combination.

There are hundreds of possible combinations when three dice are in play; now is not the time to cling to your fortunate number.


2 Stay away from proposition wagers.

Frequently, dealers will attempt to entice you with them, but the enormous house advantage leaves you with a minuscule chance of winning.


3 Know the payout for each roll before to playing.

You should devote your mental energy on learning the ropes rather than thinking about the consequences of making a mistake.



Steer clear of the Big 6 and 8

Do not provide the casino a 9% edge! Place the 6 or 8 instead, giving the casino a much healthy 1.5% advantage.


A Brief Overview of Sic Bo

People in ancient China liked playing games with stones, tiles, and dice. Many of their games continue to exist today in their original or updated forms. Among them is Sic Bo, which loosely translates as “Precious Dice.” The game is also known as Dai Siu, which translates to “Big Small” in Asia.


Sic Bo is supposed to have been initially played with numbered wooden blocks between the years 1 900 and 1900. These were eventually replaced by three six-sided dice. Constantly, the aim was to accurately wager on combinations of numbers that will be rolled.


The nineteenth century

During this period, Chinese laborers traveled to the United States to construct the transcontinental railroad. They brought with them a variety of games and customs, including Sic Bo. Immigrants played Sic Bo in labour camps, but European-American settlers were not interested in the game until the 20th century. In the meanwhile in Macau, Sic Bo was gaining popularity among Portuguese colonists, who would later introduce it to Europe.


The twentieth century

It took two additional waves of Chinese immigration to the United States for European-American settlers to discover Sic Bo. During the 1920s and 1940s, the traditional American carnival embraced Sic Bo under the name Chuck a Luck. The cage in Sic Bo was referred to as the birdcage, and this name is still in use today. It would take 40 years or more for the game to gain popularity in US casinos. In 1937, Macau granted Companhia Tai Heng a monopoly on commercial gambling by granting all games to them. In 1960, Stanley Ho and his company STDM successfully bid and gained the monopoly. In 1970, Ho constructed the Hotel Lisboa, which had an extraordinary casino with Sic Bo on the main floor and close to the roulette wheel.


From the 1970s through the 1990s, Sic Bo was an instant hit in Macau. Vegas casinos responded by installing Sic Bo tables in their back rooms for Chinese gamblers.


1990s – 2000

As affluent Chinese tourists flocked to Las Vegas, renowned casinos ultimately introduced Sic Bo on the main gaming floor. Non-Chinese gamblers began playing the game in 1995.


In Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada, 21st-century Sic Bo has begun slowly. The situation is improving owing to internet casinos. Many claim that the option to gamble online was Sic Bo’s long-awaited break. Now, the biggest operators and mobile casinos provide Sic Bo.

Sic Bo Acronyms


Any Triple Definition of a Term

A Sic Bo gamble in which a player wins if all three dice exhibit the same number. Not identical to a Triple wager. This payout is more than the majority of casino wagers, at 30 to 1.


The amount of money a player has available to wager on or off the table.

Table de paris A table de paris allows participants to place bets from the top down.

Big Bet

This wager is successful when the total of the dice falls between 11 and 17. The payoff for a Big Bet in Sic Bo is 1 to 1, and the game’s modest house advantage makes it ideal for novice players.


The implement used by the dealer to shake the Sic Bo dice prior to each roll.


The elimination of all wagers and the restoration of all chips to their rightful owners (either winning players or the house).


Cuboids with six faces There are one to six dots on each face of the cube, and each face is different from the others. In the game of Sic Bo, the ultimate location of three dice decides which wagers win and which lose.


A wager that two of the three dice will show a particular number. Players can only place a double wager on numbers between one and six.


This wager is made on the occurrence of two distinct numbers on two of the three dice. In sic bo, there are fifteen different combinations of Duo wagers.

Re-Bet is a slang term for placing the same wager as the previous round. As with other casino games, re-betting is popular in sic bo.


A betting on a single number, sometimes known as a “single” wager. The payoff for a single die matching the number is 1 to 1, whereas the reward for two or three dice matching the number is greater.

Small Bet

This wager is successful when the total of all dice is less than eleven. Triple ones, triple twos, and triple threes are excluded. The return on a Small Sic Bo wager is 1:1. Even though it’s not extremely interesting, this is another excellent wager for beginners.


A characteristic exclusive to online casinos. The spin button sets the dice cage in motion in preparation for the roll.

Strong Bet

A strong sic bo wager is any wager that must be placed on all three dice at the same time. For instance, the wager that all three dice will show the same number is a Strong Bet. Ironically, these wagers typically carry substantial house margins, making them worse alternatives.


A wager on the exact total value of all three dice. This well-known sic bo wager is plainly unlikely to win, but the reward is substantial.


This wager predicts that all three dice will display the same number. This is the sic bo wager with the lowest probability of winning and the highest reward, 180 to 1! It may not be the wisest wager in the house, but who can argue with such a return?

Weak Bet

This is the antithesis of a powerful wager; a stake that does not rely on all three dice simultaneously, but rather merely one or two. An illustration would be placing a Simple Bet.

Frequent Requested Information

What exactly is Sic Bo?

The Chinese term Sic Bo translates to “precious dice.” It is a traditional Chinese dice game played with three dice that has a lengthy history. The versions of Sic Bo include Chuck-a-luck, birdcage, and Grand Hazard. Sic Bo is similar to Craps in that participants must wager on how they believe the dice will roll.


Where can I locate the greatest Sic Bo casino online?

Do not squander time surfing the Internet aimlessly. You should begin your search on our online Sic Bo casino website. So that you may pick carefully and get started faster, our specialists evaluate each casino based on a huge variety of critical factors, including the simplest platforms, the greatest visuals, and the safest and most secure online environment.


What is a cage for Sic Bo?

The cage is a container used to tumble dice before to rolling.


How generous are the rewards for online Sic Bo?

Simply told, various casinos provide varying payouts, but we only feature the highest-paying games on our website. In a Sic Bo game, each unique combination has its own reward, and in most online Sic Bo casinos, a single bet can be valued anywhere from 1 to 1 to 180 to 1 for a single roll.


What is the greatest possible wager?

The player must wager on a “particular triple” to win the most money from a single roll. That means you, the player, must roll all three dice on the same number. Not surprisingly, these wagers do not win frequently.


What is the ideal kind of wagering for novices?

The Sic Bo table can initially be quite complicated, therefore many newcomers begin with either a modest or a large wager. The modest wager is automatically successful if the total of the three dice is between 4 and 10. The huge wager is successful if the sum of the total numbers is between 11 and 17.


Is there a strategy for Sic Bo that will help me win more?

Sic Bo is a game of sheer chance. There are no techniques to manipulate the roll of the dice. The laws of averages still apply, but they cannot be used to predict the roll of the dice. No plan can alter the odds against you.


Can I play Sic Bo online for free?

Numerous online casinos provide customers with free Sic Bo games. Free games allow you to become familiar with the game and learn how to play without risking money. Even while the free games will display your accumulated profits after a series of games, these winnings cannot be cashed out for actual currency. The only way to win money is to participate in real money games and have fun while accumulating cash!

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