Heist Online Slot Rating and reviews

You will play the role of professional heist man Neil Quailand in this fast-paced slot game that has 30 paylines. Your goal is to make more than a few stacks of cash by robbing vaults, blowing up reels, and outsmarting the police. Heist will excite you with animated intros, themed bonuses, and rewards of up to 150,000 coins each spin, which you will have a chance to bank whenever you play for real cash. This “truly cinematic” presentation was popularized by BetSoft, and it is one of the things the company is most known for.

Because it can be played on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, you may enjoy Heist whenever and wherever you choose to play it. You will always be able to experience a spectacular range of additional features while you are playing, regardless of the device that you choose to use. These features might include free spins games, wild reels that double rewards, dramatic cash games, and many more.

How to Play the Online Slot Game “Heist”

Because BetSoft cleverly integrated the game controls within the screen of its Heist slot machine, even inexperienced players won’t have any trouble mastering the game. You should start by using the little screen on the left-hand side of your screen to pick a coin value by clicking on it. After that, you should use the following buttons to set a bet per line and your paylines. You may begin playing for real cash by first adjusting these parameters so that your stake for each round is anywhere between 0.01 and 150 credits, and then pressing the spin button.

This particular slot machine has a number of active paylines, each of which may have its own payline button manually depressed in order to reduce the amount of money spent on each spin. To access the paytable and examine each of the active paylines, just click the “view pays” button located in the upper-right hand corner of your screen. You’ll also discover a list of all of the game’s paying symbols inside the paytable. There are a total of thirteen paying symbols in the game; nine of them lead to wins, while the other four lead to bonuses. The values of the rewards awarded by the symbols are denoted in coins, and each of these values may rise in tandem with the amount wagered on each line. Play with the lowest stake for payments of two hundred to five hundred coins for each sequence, or spend the highest amount per line for rewards of ten thousand to two thousand and five hundred coins!

There is also an HTML5 version of the game that can be played on mobile devices running either iOS or Android. This version of the game is compatible with tablets and smartphones. The only thing that is unusual about playing on a phone is that the main screen is just equipped with a spin control, while the menu of the slot game has all of the additional betting and Auto Play features.

Free Spins and Heist Features in a Slot Game

Players will like the fact that the gameplay in Heist lets them win a reward even if they only match two symbols in a row, as this is one of the aspects of the game that they will enjoy the most. Therefore, in order to win real money when playing for real money, you will need to gather two, three, or more similar symbols on an active payline running from left to right. Only Neil the thief and detective Kowalski pay out for two of a kind, and their sequences may pay up to 2,500 and 2,000 coins each sequence, respectively. No other symbols pay out for two of a kind.

However, in order to collect on some of the additional winnings, you will have to wait for some of the unique symbols to appear on the screen. The glass cutter symbol is the most lucrative of the game’s four symbols since it has the potential to launch an instant win bonus once three or more of its occurrences are accumulated on any active payline. You may win an immediate payment, access to the cinematic bonus, or a free spins bonus where your wins will be increased by two if you choose one of the glass cutters that appear on the reels. The wild reel extra feature, which is activated when a C4 explosive symbol appears in the second position of the center reel, also includes a win multiplier as an additional option for players to take advantage of. If you manage to get the symbol, an explosion will occur on the reel, transforming it into a stack of wilds along with a win multiplier that may increase your rewards by a factor of two.

The random payouts and the cinematic vault robbery game are two additional incentives that are available to players. Three drill symbols may appear in any position to activate the scatter rewards, which can award up to 750 coins for a single winning combination. On the other side, the game of robbing the vault may be initiated by landing three or more vault symbols on a payline that is now active. You can get your hands on the money you took from the bank if you steal it before Kowalski can catch you and jail you.

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